workshop 2023

"design between land and sea"

The second edition of the Tigullio Design District saw the start of the workshop "Design between land and sea", organized by the Liguria Design Cultural Association and developed in partnership with the Liceo Artistico Luzzati of Chiavari aimed at students in the last three years of the course Architecture and Environment and Design. The cultural and educational path proposed a design workshop held during the Tigullio Design District week in which students addressed design themes linked to the world of the sea and the world of the city in connection with the sea and the coast.

During the workshop experience, some design ideas were proposed to the students based on suggestions and information regarding issues related to the sea and the city's relationship with the sea. This information was provided to them by professionals, technicians and experts during the meetings that took place outdoors in the Gulf of Tigullio area. An immersive experience dedicated to the problems of coastal cities and the sea, to which they responded with design proposals and project ideas.

Divided into 10 groups, students of different ages confronted each other with the aim of developing new projects and design ideas useful to the territory and beyond.

  1. Fabio De Ponti - Mayor of Zoagli

  2. Germano Tabaroni - Vice President of the Port of Chiavari

  3. Luca Tassara - Founder Ziguele, marine communicator and underwater operator

  4. Maurizio Petulicchio - Technicians of the Municipality of Chiavari with responsibility for ecological services

  5. Rosangela Mammola - Architect, founder of the HIROAndCO Cultural Association

  6. Simone Gallina - Yacht Designer for GerrisBoats SRL

The workshop saw its final moment of presentation of the students' works in the main hall of the Liceo Artistico Luzzati of Chiavari on 21 April 2023 with the presence of guests including entrepreneurs, local authorities and professionals who had the opportunity to see and learn the ideas of young creatives present in the area.

On this occasion and given the interest of many in the project, the 2024 workshop was launched which will see participation in partnership with other local institutes, thus increasing the number of students involved, a fixed appointment every year during the days of the design event in the Tigullio, where many local entities, institutes and young people will be able to get to know each other, get involved and continue together this cultural activity useful for their professional training that looks to the futur