workshop 2024

"design between land and sea"

For 2024, the workshop, organized by the Liguria Design Cultural Association, will see significant growth, with the involvement also of the Istituto di istruzione secondaria superiore Amadeo Peter Giannini, as well as the Luzzati Art School of Chiavari after the great success of 2023.

The new coordinated image of the workshop and outlined the new guidelines for working with students. 100 students from the district will be involved who, by discussing and working together, will develop design projects useful to the territory and beyond. A virtuous model that is born and grows from the bottom, from the ideas of very young people which over the years can become a path linked to the development of the ideas themselves into real projects, linked to innovation and the future.

  1. Chiara Vigo - Director of Tigullio Shipping Spa (Marina di Chiavari west)

  2. Emanuele Sanguineti – Chiavari City councilor in charge of ecological services

  3. Giovanni Ianni - Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Sestri Levante

  4. Joseph Amoruso - Founder The Paperplane Workshop

  5. Paolo Donadoni - Mayor of Santa Margherita Ligure

  6. Umberto Tagliavini - Yacht Designer at Marine Design & Services