Tigullio your new design experience

Tigullio Design District - TDD is the first international event organized in Liguria, dedicated to design and specifically to major themes related to the sea, the outdoor and obviously lifestyle, being developed in the splendid scenery of Gulf of Tigullio, between Genoa and the 5 lands.

A new design district that straddles Genoa, home of the Boat Show, La Spezia, the production center of boating at an international level and the setting for the design week in Milan; which is the most important design event in the world.

TDD, aims to become a place where design professionals and enthusiasts can discuss, share, dialogue, and deepen in the perspective of cultural growth, and exchange of visions for new forms of collaboration, creative network and business.

A local, Italian and at the same time international event, this is the proposal of the contents of the TDD, for which it is important to offer a transversal proposal useful to experts in the sector in order to have a complete picture of what is happening both on the territory and in the world.

A glamorous event to make yourself known and to know, to link the world of young designer to that of the most experienced, to support new visions and new development perspectives for the marine and environmental world, and to be able to do it in a unique place that can offer quality and beauty, useful for the well-being of all participants and guests from all over the world.

A new Italian location at the service of local and international design, the Tigullio, the most glamorous area in Italy

TDD is aimed at the whole world of design that participates internationally in the development of design, research and production of products related to the sea and the outdoor, through innovative, sustainable, lifestyle products and projects.

From young design students, to young professionals with their studies and start-up, from brands working on the innovation of new products up to large companies in the sector, famous entrepreneurs in the sector and new visionary creators, new designers of global sustainability and for the protection of our planet through an ethical, functional and beautiful design.

The TDD audience will therefore have the opportunity to know how more or less young, local or international designers approach new projects for yachts, sails or other boats, how they imagine new products useful for the preservation and protection of the aquatic world, how they want to improve the marine waterfronts, how with their talent and creativity they want to change the outdoor world using sustainable, technological and innovative products, as well as how projects related to the lifestyle of fashion and interior design are developed.

An international design experience in a unique place for the lovers of Italian lifestyle

TDD is spread over the entire territory of Gulf of Tigullio, seven are the protagonists of the event; Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure,Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna and Sestri Levante, as well as prestigious hamlets and corners of the entire area. The most beautiful locations in the area at the service of national and international guests, who will come as participants or visitors.

TDD since its first online launch, avails itself of the strategic partnership of 16 international design associations and organizations, famous for their multiple activities to promote the design sector in their countries.

From China to Mexico, from Australia to South Africa, from Vietnam to the UK, from Perù to Germany, from Russia to Portugal and much more for a virtuous network of realities that will initiate a dialogue aimed at the cultural exchange of knowledge and values that the design carries within itself and can develop at the service of peoples and world communities.

A path that, for the most attentive, gives a glimpse of the great prospects of an international network, of exchange and of innovation for the territory and for international realities, the possibility of having a unique platform for cultural and business exchange in the design sector.

Welcome to Tigullio Design District!

TDD country ambassadors