first place


Pin-Yi Chang - Ya-Qing Yu
National Kaohsiung Normal University - Taiwan

OceanGO is an amphibious amusement vehicle specially designed for the disabled people with limbs weakness. At present, most of the water-related products designed for the disabled people are not available on the market. With OceanGo, disabled people can enjoy playing on the beach and underwater.

OceanGo adds land tires to the diver propulsion vehicle. The shape of OceanGo is also designed to meet the needs of disabled people who have insufficient waist strength and cannot easily stabilize their lower limbs. The overall operation process is intuitive and smooth. We hoped that by using OceanGO, disabled people can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

second place


Emma Garangeat - Endi Gjermeni - Sacha Baaklini
Accademia Italiana – Italia / Italy

Our concept proposes a summer cruise boat designed to be accommodating all passengers including those with limited mobility.

It has two decks accessible by ramps for wheelchair movement allowing an overall fluid circulation. This boat will offer activities such as fishing, diving,

sunbathing as well as assistance to those in need and is also equipped with a cafeteria , resting area and restrooms. On the back a moving platform is equipped to help people in wheelchair access the sea.

third place


Cecilia Griva- Maxime Auge- Cansu Yilmaz- Matteo Dolci- Xinxin Zhang
Accademia Italiana – Italy / Italia

The Sit&Relax inflatable deflatable Chair is a product designed to help people with reduced mobility enjoy the beach, sea, and boat activities with ease. The product is designed to provide a safe and accessible environment for individuals who face challenges in accessing these areas. The Sit&Relax chair is made up of high-quality, durable materials that ensure maximum comfort and convenience. The chair is designed to be inflatable and deflatable, which makes it portable and easy to carry around when deflated, making it the perfect travel companion. The product adapts to an air pump, which allows the user to inflate the chair in minutes, without any hassle.

The Sit&Relax chair has two positions: sitting and lying down. The sitting position allows individuals to sit comfortably, while the lying down position is perfect for sunbathing or relaxing by the beach or in the water. The chair's inflatable design means that it can easily float on water, making it perfect for swimming and other water activities.

The Sit&Relax chair is perfect for individuals who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The chair's backrest is designed to provide excellent lumbar support, ensuring maximum comfort for the user in the chair.

In conclusion, the Sit&Relax inflatable deflatable Chair is a product designed to improve access to the beach, sea, and boat for people with reduced mobility. The product's high-quality materials, portability, and adjustability ensure maximum comfort and convenience. With this product, individuals with reduced mobility can enjoy the beach and swimming activities in a safe and accessible environment.